AMT Online (AMTO)

AMT Online (AMTO)

AMTO embraces the digital learning environment and provides access to course notes, class recordings, study materials and unlimited custom resources.

Delegates proceed at their own pace, connecting to AMTO anywhere they have internet access. Sponsoring organisations have the option to monitor delegate progress and performance, and to create and deliver additional course content to match emerging needs.




Effective preparation
Study materials are available in advance, enabling delegates to prepare effectively for classroom sessions.


Delegates have 24/7 access to course notes, class recordings, study materials, allowing them to study
at their own pace.


Replay and reinforce
AMTO resources include recordings of every topic in course notes; unlimited review is available to delegates wanting to reinforce classroom learning.


Via AMTO, delegates have access to AMT’s recorded webinars where subject-matter experts deliver innovative learning programs.

Review and refine
By monitoring delegates progress, sponsoring organisations have the option to adapt course content to match emerging needs.