Welcome to the AMT Theory into Practice (TIP) Investment Banking Certification Program for university students.  The program is designed to give participants the knowledge, skills and competitive advantage required for applications into placements such as spring week, internships or full-time analyst positions in the investment banking, private equity and asset management industries.   

The program will use real life case studies to develop participants skills in applying corporate finance theory to the practical rigours expected in the role of an analyst in the areas of DCF Valuation, Trading Comparables, Transaction Comparables, M&A Modeling, LBO Modeling and Charting and Data Visualization.

The program will be delivered live online where participants will benefit from the expertise and direct interaction with an AMT Trainer.  Participants will receive e-course content including an e-binder with technical content, real life company excel case study templates and solutions and online quizzes. 

The course of study is modular and participants can take a single module, a combination of three modules or all six modules. 

Certification is only available on completion of ALL SIX modules.

Learning objectives

The course of study is designed specifically for university students and student members of professional bodies who are interested in a career in the investment banking industry and looking to develop skills to gain a competitive advantage for applications into the industry.  As a participant you will learn how the work of an analyst is ‘done on the desk’.  On completion of all SIX modules you will be able to:

  • Build integrated three statement models using excel efficiently
  • Value companies applying DCF and Trading Comparables methodologies from extended three statement models
  • Collate and model data for Transaction Comparables analysis
  • Understand and model the inputs required for M&A analysis and approaches to deal analysis
  • Understand and model the inputs required for LBO analysis and approaches to private equity returns analysis


The course of study is designed for university students.  A background in finance is not essential, however, we strongly encourage the completion of our FREE excel fundamentals course.

Who should attend:

  • University students interested in a career as an analyst working in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds or any similar type institutions
  • Student members of professional bodies


Participants can book a single module, three modules or all six modules.  NOTE: Certification will only be awarded upon successful completion of all SIX modules.

  • 1 module - £50
  • 3 modules - £120 (save 20%)
  • 6 modules - £225 (save 25%)

If purchasing either the 3 or 6 module bundles please contact lauren.de.lacey@amttraining.com to arrange your discounted rate.


To be eligible you must have an active university student ID or proof of being a registered student member of a professional body.  

Why attend?

AMT is a leading training provider to the investment banking industry.  For over 20 years AMT has designed, developed and delivered technical training for Interns, Analysts, Associates, VPs and MDs.  We work closely with learning and development teams to ensure all incumbent employees are desk ready for their relevant positions.  The benefits of attending this AMT Theory into Practice - Live Online Certification Program include:

Expert trainer team
Our expert trainer team all have first-hand experience in their training related field.  They are all able to deliver training expertly in a virtual class environment with the same passion and enthusiasm as in class sessions.

Real life case studies
All of our financial modeling case studies use real life companies with household names you can associate with.  This will allow you see practical application of the finance theory within a framework of real-life issues.

Dynamic live online learning sessions
Our fantastic instructional ability is backed by a dedicated learning management team, system and learning design.  Our live online sessions are designed not just to impart technical skills but also to ensure social interaction, networking and 360-degree support.

Develop practical desk ready skills
On an AMT training session you spend at least 95% of your time undertaking some form of activity.  The training is very practical and hands on.  There is always a tangible output at the end of every session which can be reviewed for continued practice.

Gain a competitive advantage with the certification
The AMT Training brand is a highly valued and recognizable brand within the investment banking industry.  The AMT TIP program will afford you with the skills and knowledge needed to standout during the application process including assessment centres and interviews.  


Certification is only available on completion of ALL SIX modules

For full details of each module and to book please visit the links below

Three Statement Modeling DCF Valuation Trading Comparables Transaction Comparables M&A Modeling LBO Modeling