A strong understanding of private equity and deal structuring has become a necessity for most finance professionals. Private equity or venture capital is needed to fund growth strategies for most financial organisations. Private equity has an integral role to play in M&A and LBOs.


The Masterclass will cover several deal structuring techniques relating to private equity, venture capital and buyout deals. Deal structuring issues and solutions will be illustrated and discussed for various stages and components of private equity transactions. Hands on exercises and real life examples will be used to maximize clarity of understanding.


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Why should delegates attend?

- Understand how private equity and venture capital funds are established

- Master the operations of private equity and venture capital funds and how value is added

- Understand deal structuring techniques

- Appreciate how entrepreneurs and companies raise private equity and venture capital

- Grasp the logic and underlying principles of private equity and venture capital valuation

- Understand buyouts and leveraged buyouts, their use and structuring

- Learn how to invest in or sell distressed assets

- Understand private equity trends and deal structures


Who should attend?

- Investment Officers and Investment Committee Members

- Private equity, Venture Capital and Hedge Fund Investment Managers

- Bankers, Investment Bankers and Security Analysts

- Private Bankers and Wealth Managers

- Structured finance professionals

- Lawyers wishing to understand modern finance

- Risk Managers


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Our public courses focus on relevancy and practical skills immediately applicable in the world of investment banking. For further information on the Private Equity Masterclass, please contact Dwayne Johnson Cox