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Advanced Financial Valuation

To get a comprehensive understanding of Advanced Financial Valuation, study over 3 days:


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Course details

Advanced DCF

This session focuses on the alternative terminal value calculation approaches. Delegates model a two stage steady state terminal value and learn how returns fade to WACC over time.


Learning outcomes

  • Re-cap of free cash flows
  • Mid-year discounting adjustments and valuation with flexible deal dates
  • Modeling of the steady state cash flow
  • Traditional terminal value approaches, reinvestment rates and pitfalls in long-term return analysis
  • Understanding the value gap concept
  • Dis-aggregating return on invested capital - profitability and efficiency
  • Alternative terminal value approach: value driver
  • Building a two stage steady state terminal value model
  • Sensitizing the WACC for different capital structures
  • Building a graph of the optimal capital structure analysis

Divestitures and Corporate Restructuring Analysis

This module deals with the financial implications of the main divestiture and restructuring options available to a firm as an ongoing concern: divestiture (public or private, total or partial), spin off/split up, split off and equity carve outs. We focus on the financial modeling aspect of the analysis, building a simple and clear model for every individual option, and illustrating the related accounting implications. The financial modeling also incorporate possible adjustments to the capital structure of the business being sold/restructured.


Learning outcomes

  • Overview of divestiture and restructuring alternatives available to firms
    • Options available
    • Reasons to restructure/divest
    • Main issues
  • Financial modeling: balance sheet impact and EPS calculation
    • Divestiture
    • Spin off or split up
    • Split off
    • Equity carve out
  • Adjusting the capital structure of the business to be divested/restructured
  • Shortcut way to analyze the EPS impact of the divestiture



"Using AMT Online (AMTO) was excellent as it allowed me to work through the course material at my own pace. AMT Online was very easy to use and navigate through." ~ graduate, leading business school

What will you receive on the course?

While this is a face to face training course, a blended learning approach is taken and delegates will be provided with access to AMT Online. Our study materials contain both the knowledge and practice materials required to assist with the learning process and help you in your job role. Course materials include:


  • printed course binder with copy of the slides
  • laminated summary sheets
  • 24/7 access to DELTA online learning environment
  • class recordings
  • course notes
  • quizzes
  • electronic homework/study files

Who should attend the course?

  • New hires who have joined the firm late and missed the in-house program
  • Individuals looking to fill a knowledge gap
  • Experienced bankers looking to refresh their technical skills
  • Teams employed in financial strategy roles from non-banking corporations
  • Graduates preparing to interview for a role in the finance sector
  • Students at business school and looking for a career in finance


A solid understanding of Financial Statement Analysis (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow), Financial Modeling and Valuation skills.



This course is non-residential. The venue will provide light refreshments. AMT reserve the right to cancel or postpone sessions or change content if registrations are insufficient to continue 2 weeks prior to scheduled commencement date. Registrants will be given at least 5 business days’ notice of such changes.