Who should attend the course?

  • Investment Officers and Investment Committee Members
  • Private equity, Venture Capital and Hedge Fund Investment Managers
  • Bankers, Investment Bankers and Security Analysts
  • Private Bankers and Wealth Managers
  • Structured finance professionals
  • Lawyers wishing to understand modern finance
  • Risk Managers

Course details

Bank Modeling

Participants will learn how to model and integrate the balance sheet, income statement and regulatory requirements of a real bank using Excel. In addition to learning the steps necessary to build a bank financial model, participants will also cover how to build models accurately and efficiently through a series of best practice modeling rules. Participants also learn how to stress-test the assumptions used, to check their work efficiently and to document it.


Learning outcomes

  • Modeling commercial banking activities
    • Modeling and forecasting the balance sheet
    • The loan book
    • The trading book
    • Funding requirements and mix: deposit vs. wholesale funding
    • Growth in funds under management
    • Modeling and forecasting the income statement
    • Understanding the income statement drivers
    • Net interest income and margin
    • Non-interest income
    • Forecasting loan impairment through the credit cycle
    • Operating costs
    • Tax
    • Modeling and forecasting regulatory capital
    • Risk weighted assets
    • Required capital under Basel I, II or III
    • Available capital under Basel I, II or III
    • Liquidity requirements and stable funding requirements
    • Forecasting dividends using a payout ratio and / or minimum capital requirements
  • Modeling investment banking activities
    • Economics and disclosure of key modern activities
    • Securitizations: recognition / de-recognition and fees
  • Ratio analysis
    • Key performance ratios
"Attending AMT's financial modeling courses has helped strengthen my financial skills and enhanced my technical ability. Some of the new Excel skills I learnt will certainly help in my new senior role." ~ associate, global investment bank

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We recommend delegates have a solid understanding of financial statement analysis (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow) and financial modeling skills.