Venture Capital

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Course details

Course overview

Early-stage businesses need capital and investment to allow them to initiate sales and grow. Venture capital, a form of private equity, is a form of financing that investors provide to such businesses that they believe to have long-term potential.

The session begins with an overview of the market before exploring how a Venture Capital fund works and how this impacts the structure of the investments made.

To understand the investment opportunity different forecasting and valuation methods are explored before the different funding rounds are modelled. The session concludes with the preparation of capitalization tables and investor returns.

Learning outcomes

  • Overview
  • Venture capital fund dynamics and fees
  • Typical deal structure and terms
    • Convertible notes
    • Convertible preferred stock
    • Option pool
  • Forecasting early-stage companies
    • Top-down
    • Bottom-up
  • Early-stage company valuation
    • Seed phase valuation methodologies
      • Berkus method
      • Scorecard method
      • Risk factor summation method
    • Growth and scale-up phase valuation methodologies
      • Venture capital method
      • Comparable company analysis
      • First Chicago method
      • Discounted cash flow
    • Funding rounds modeling
      • Series A, B and C analysis
      • Pre and post-money valuation
  • Capitalization tables
  • Venture capital returns and exit

“”The virtual classroom was engaging and it felt like a classroom training”” ~ HR, International Investment Bank

Virtual Classroom

  • 9:00am - 5:00pm HKT

  • 1 day ( non-exam )

  • Use any version of MS Excel

Who should attend the course?

  • Investment Officers and Investment Committee Members
  • Private equity, Venture Capital and Hedge Fund Investment Managers
  • Bankers, Investment Bankers and Security Analysts
  • Private Bankers and Wealth Managers
  • Structured finance professionals
  • Lawyers wishing to understand modern finance
  • Risk Managers

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