AMT are leading experts when it comes to equipping your employees with the skills required in a challenging industry environment. From analysts and associates to VPs and MDs, we have comprehensive experience building tailored programs with the perfect organizational fit. We pride ourselves on having trained many of today’s globally recognized bankers.

Most clients demand a “full service banking provider” i.e. a bank that can offer an integrated service from M&A, financing, liquidity management to hedging and ratings advisory solutions. Our training ensures that your bankers are equipped with state of the art technical skills while always understanding investment banking for what it is; a complex, bespoke service requiring a different solution not just for every client, but every deal.

Our subject experts draw on real banking experience across all investment banking areas. This enables us to cover the spectrum of investment banking disciplines; from company analysis and valuation, mergers and acquisitions, industry and product groups, through to capital market origination and derivatives.