Alternative Investments

Hedge Funds Introduction and Strategy

Hedge Funds Introduction

A major part of the alternative asset world are hedge funds. We take a deep dive into the hedge fund world and discuss common hedge fund strategies. Hedge funds are compared to traditional money managers.

Hedge Fund Strategies

There is no one particular hedge fund type and there are a number of types of hedge fund available to the investor. While most investors deploy their funds across a diverse range of fund types, it is important to understand some of the primary styles of investment strategy that

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Private Equity

Private Equity

Delegates are introduced to the basic concepts underlying private equity and leveraged buyouts (LBO). The session starts by establishing why private equity firms can create value through leveraged buyouts and how returns, net of fees, are generated for investors. Delegates then build a simple LBO model.

LBO Modeling

Delegates learn how to structure an LBO and model the impact of the new financing structure. This session concentrates on understanding the implications (both modeling and deal) of the finance structuring. Delegates complete a fully integrated model with an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

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Investing in Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate

This session explores the process of investing in real estate assets from the perspective of a public-markets fund manager. Differences between direct (physical asset) and indirect (REITs/RE Funds) investments will be briefly outlined, before emphasis is shifted to the indirect investment process, relevant to public-markets investors. Financial statement analysis and due diligence practices are investigated, as delegates are introduced to real estate specific accounting and terminology. Various real estate valuation methodologies are discussed.

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Investing in Commodities

Commodity investing introduction

This session introduces commodities as an alternative asset. We give special focus to commodities as an investable universe. Delegates will be introduced to major commodity trading assets and how the investment universe is changing in the face of exchange traded funds.


The growth of the commodity market is discussed with delegates with special reference to modern trading techniques

Physical commodity investment 

Investors can take positions in the real commodity or a derivative of the commodity. The investment implications are presented in this section.

Bitcoin as a commodity investment

Bitcoin can be considered as a commodity asset class and the growth in price/volume of this asset is discussed in this section. As derivative volumes increase, we take a look at the relationship between the cash market for Bitcoin and the futures market for Bitcoin.

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Infrastructure Financing and Modeling

Infrastructure financing and modeling

In this session, we look at infrastructure/project finance, what it is, examples to illustrate usage, pros and cons. We will use case studies to illustrate key features. The session also includes an exercise on modeling project finance.

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