Enhance your virtual classroom with Zoom shortcuts

Enhance your virtual classroom with Zoom shortcuts

At AMT Training we love our shortcuts whether in Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook or Word.  They are fast and efficient and help us navigate at speed.  In response to the Covid19 situation, we have already delivered many virtual classrooms using Zoom.  We love the interaction and feel of a real classroom this application delivers.  If you join us for one of our virtual classrooms, or if you use Zoom at work, there are some great keyboard shortcuts that you can use on the Zoom Desktop Client that allow you to navigate the Zoom settings without using your mouse.  Below are the AMT Training team’s top ten!



Raise and lower hand


Display or hide In-Meeting Chat panel


Launch and stop share screen window


Mute or unmute audio


Move focus to Zoom’s meeting controls


Start of stop video


Switch to active speaker view in video meeting


Switch to gallery view in video meeting


Navigate among Zoom popup windows


Close the current window

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