Tricks and tips in Excel and how to develop potential talent in management




Beijing Xicheng Education Investment Limited 



The 45 minute Excel session will give you a fantastic opportunity to get a flavour of the financial training AMT Training deliver to some of the world’s leading investment banks, private equity firms, business schools and management consultancies. In addition there will be a 1 hour seminar on how to read/analyse a performance rating card.


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Seminar: Tricks and tips in Excel and how to develop potential talent in management 

Date: Wednesday 13th March 2019

Time: 2.00pm to 4.00pm (including 15-30 minute break for networking)

Venue: You will be notified nearer the time of the event

Presenter: Ronald Chung, Senior trainer at AMT Training

Contact: To reserve your place or for further information please email Carmen Li 


專題讲座:             金融专业人士必修课 – Excel实用技巧及如何开发管理潜能

日期:                   二零一九年, 三月十三日 (星期三)

時間:                   下午二時至四時

地点:                   待定, 详细信息将在注册后发送

Contact:              了解更多信息请联系Carmen Li


Ronald Chung’s profile

Ron is a leading expert in financial markets and has close to 20 years of experience conducting training for wealth management, investment banking and corporate banking. He has delivered training courses in areas such as; financial products, valuation and modeling techniques, derivative solutions and many more. In this session, he will share a lot of tricks and tips on excel which financial professionals find useful in their daily work.



Dr. Chung是金融市场领域的领先专家,他拥有近20年的财富管理、投资银行和企业银行等方面的培训经验。他曾在以下领域教授课程:金融产品、估值和建模技术、衍生品解决方案以及其他等等。在本次课程中,他将分享许多关于excel的技巧和窍门,这些技巧和窍门对金融专业人士的日常工作非常有用。