Virtual classroom learning from AMT Training

What is a Virtual Classroom?

Virtual Classroom training is a new and highly engaging way of delivering programs remotely with enhanced levels of interactivity compared to conventional webinars. In AMT’s Virtual Classroom, supported by Zoom, participants are encouraged to activate their own webcams and mics throughout the class allowing for real-time engagement, both verbal and non-verbal, with fellow participants and their trainer. Participants can also share their screens to get instant assistance in any technical exercise; just like asking the trainer to walk over and help in the classroom! We have seen a step-change in participant engagement with this new technology. The trainer’s ability to see a selection of their participants’ faces in real-time, and to react to their verbal and non-verbal cues creates a remarkably realistic classroom-like experience.

Can a Virtual Classroom be a substitute for an in-class learning experience?
Yes! With an increasing number of clients seeking to reduce or eliminate travel, AMT has successfully developed a blended learning approach to include trainer-led live sessions, time for participants to work alone, and where appropriate, work in groups, all supported by Zoom Virtual Classroom technology. AMT will pass on no additional cost for the use of this technology – you will pay the same price for a full day of training as you would for an in-class session, but without the related travel and accommodation costs.


Can this approach be made bespoke to suit the needs of my audience?
As with all our training, AMT’s Virtual Classroom approach is flexible, and will be adjusted to suit the needs of our clients. Your dedicated AMT client service professional and trainer will consider the characteristics of the group and the nature of the topic as they design the flow of each training day.

Further information

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