Excel Advanced Financial Modeling Courses in NYC

Our New York public courses enhance your technical knowledge and help build financial models with ease. You will learn Excel shortcuts – formulas, consistency and flexibility; as well as how to structure transactions and work through financing options with colleagues. You also pick up tips on how to deliver pitches confidently and in an orderly and logical manner.


Who should attend financial modeling courses?


  • New hires who have joined the firm late and missed the in-house program
  • Individuals looking to fill a knowledge gap
  • Experienced bankers looking to refresh their technical skills
  • Teams employed in financial strategy roles from non-banking corporations
  • Graduates preparing to interview for a role in the finance sector
  • Students at business school and looking for a career in finance


Our courses range from the analysis of financial statements and financial modeling fundamentals to DCF valuation, M&A and LBO modeling. We also run several specialist sector courses in banking, capital markets, insurance, oil and gas. There’s never been a more crucial time to stand out. As the financial industry becomes increasingly competitive, the professionals who succeed are those who distinguish themselves and their ability to add value to an organization.

Attending an AMT public course proves that your financial modeling knowledge and skills are up to date and employed by the world’s leading institutions. AMT courses are officially accredited by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment and each full day course can be logged as 6 hours of CPD for institutions including ICAEW, ACCA, CFA and solicitor regulatory authority.