Top 10 Adobe Reader keyboard shortcuts: How to Rotate & Much More


Most bankers are familiar with Excel shortcuts but did you know that keyboard shortcuts can also be used in programs like Adobe Reader? Now there really is no more excuse to use the mouse. Here are some of AMT’s top keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Reader (all versions).



To access the menu options you can use the ALT key followed by the relevant underlined letter. To access a menu option once the menu is open, press the relevant underlined letter. Alternatively, after pressing the ALT key, use the arrow keys followed by enter to choose alternative menus and menu options.

ALT followed by CTRL+TAB

To access the toolbar buttons hit ALT followed by CTRL+TAB. Then use the arrow keys to move from one button to another. Use enter to select.


To zoom in and out of a page


To fit to page for easier viewing


To view in presentation mode. Press Esc to return to normal view.


To rotate view



To rotate view


To find a word press CTRL+F to activate the find box, type the key word(s) and hit return. Hit return to move from one occurrence of the search item to another.

Nerd hit


To perform an advanced search. The advanced search is more flexible and also presents a dialogue box showing a list of results that allow you to use arrow keys to go straight to the results that look the most relevant.


To flip between different open files in Adobe (this works in all windows applications).


To go to a particular page number. This brings up a dialogue box into which you can type the desired page number and then press enter.

F5 followed by F6

To access bookmarks. This will get you to the navigation pane on the left. Then use the arrow keys to select the bookmark icon followed by enter to view. Use arrow keys followed by enter to go to the bookmarks.


From this:



To this:



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