John Donato Trainer

John has a broad range of experience in the finance industry, from trading and brokering, to creating and managing real-time fixed income and foreign exchange trading systems for interdealer markets. John began his career with trading and risk management roles in fixed income and foreign exchange markets with commercial banks in New York. He has held roles with the First American Bank of New York, the Chicago Board Brokerage, Prebon Yamane and ICAP.


Among the markets he traded are Spot FX, US Treasury securities, repurchase agreements, CMOs, SBA Loan Pools, Fed Funds and Eurodollar deposits. He also has experience as an interdealer broker in the interest rate derivatives markets and Forward FX arbitrage.


Later in his career, John held senior positions in the newly developing electronic trading arena of the interdealer broker industry. His roles included creating business plans and e-commerce strategies for electronic broking and trading. He also designed matching engine algorithms and user interfaces. John also managed functionality testing of applications in the financial, foreign exchange and energy markets.


John has been delivering financial markets training since 1994, specializing in debt, equity, foreign exchange, and derivatives asset classes and their respective market structures. He was a founding member of the Kent State Masters in Financial Engineering Advisory Board, and also created the intensive Financial Engineering Capstone course as part of the Kent State MSFE degree program requirements.

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    University of South Carolina