Equity Capital Markets

This course will cover the main products of the equity capital markets. Using a case company, you will tour through the equity capital markets, embracing IPOs, secondary offerings, and different share classes. Finally, listing rules and some of the subtleties of the pricing of equities are examined.

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What do you get on this course?


  • How corporates access equity capital markets at various stages of the life cycle
  • What is an IPO, why go public and what is the relevance of primary and secondary funding in an IPO?
  • How is the IPP price set and stabilized (the ‘Greenshoe’ option)?
  • How do companies that are already public, access further capital?
  • What is a Rights Issue and how do I calculate the TERP?
  • What are dual listings, depository receipts and other forms of equity?

key Topics

Complete topics step by step or jump to any of the below at any time.

  • The corporate lifecycle and equity financing options
  • Initial public offering
    • Process
    • Prospectus
    • Book building and arriving at a price
    • Quiet period
    • Stabilization and Greenshoe option
  • Secondary offering
    • Follow on placements
    • Rights issue
  • Share classes
    • Different classes
    • Preference shares
    • Pricing
    • Issuing shares in different markets
  • Share pricing
    • Cum and ex-div prices
    • Impact on multiples analysis

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5 hours of video content.

Estimated 10 hours to complete.

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This course is open to all. To maximize the benefit of this course we recommend an understanding of financial statements and Microsoft Excel.

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