Financial Modelling – Cash Sweep

Learn to build a detailed, fully integrated three statement forecast model for a corporate with high leverage, as well as how to model an automated, debt pay-down such that the business will reduce its debt as fast as possible, without impacting the operational needs of the firm. You will learn best practice in formula construction and how to use keyboard shortcuts to eliminate use of the mouse, whilst learning tried and tested habits and techniques to minimize errors, and make models easy to interpret, adapt and audit.

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What do you get on this course?


  • Forecast an Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement, given a set of forecast assumptions
  • Incorporate an operating cash requirement into the model and understand how this differs to the modeling of excess cash
  • Forecast debt repayments using a ‘cash-sweep’ or ‘debt-waterfall’ such that the model will automatically adapt to any assumption changes that impact cash, and always pay down debt as quickly as feasible
  • Build all formulae clearly and correctly
  • Balance your balance sheet every time from your well-constructed CFS
  • Compute interest income and expense based on average balances, and carefully control the resulting intentional circularity
  • Check your complete model for errors and save it in a professional manner, ready to be shared with colleagues or clients

key Topics

Complete topics step by step or jump to any of the below at any time.

  • Model steps
  • Cash sweep concept
  • Modeling the revolver and other debts
  • Linking debt to the balance sheet
  • Calculating interest
  • Stress testing and final checklist

2.5 hours of video content.

Estimated 5 hours to complete.

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This course is open to all. To maximize the benefit of this course we recommend an understanding of financial statements and Microsoft Excel.

Technical Requirements

You will need an Internet connected device to access the videos and download supporting resources. Supporting resources can be used offline, which require Microsoft Excel 2003 or later and a PDF reader.

Comprehensive Resources

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  • Bite-size trainer led HD videos detailing step by step techniques and best practices.
  • Download the slides and files as used in the videos, which can be completed while watching or saved for later.
  • Open forum for quick problem solving.

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