Asset Management Bundle

Courses included - Financial Math; Excel Fundamentals; Accounting Bootcamp: Financial Statement Basics; Financial Modeling - Bootcamp; Valuation Fundamentals; Bond Markets Bootcamp; Equity Markets Bootcamp; Derivatives Fundamentals Bootcamp; Foreign Exchange Markets Bootcamp and Portfolio Construction Theory.

Included in this bundle

Financial Math for Financial Markets

Gain comfort with the core, fundamental mathematical techniques used throughout the financial industry, with an emphasis on the time value of money.

Excel Fundamentals - FREE COURSE

Learn the basic mechanics of Excel, how to use Excel to complete a variety of financial tasks and how to build a functional model that involves a variety of related metrics and assumptions. You will learn Excel best practice throughout, and how to use Excel shortcuts to make you more efficient.

Accounting Bootcamp: Financial Statement Basics

Familiarise yourself with the three key financial statements, the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement, to understand how the three statements give us a variety of information about the performance and current state of a business. This module introduces financial statements with no assumption of prior knowledge.

Financial Modeling - Bootcamp

Learn to build a fully integrated three statement forecast model for a corporate, learning best practice in formula construction and how to use keyboard shortcuts to eliminate use of the mouse. Throughout the training you will learn the tried and tested habits and techniques to minimize errors, and make models easy to interpret, adapt and audit.

Valuation Fundamentals

Learn the basics of the three main techniques used to value businesses and shares - Relative Value, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Levered or LBO Valuation. In doing so you will also learn the distinction between equity value and enterprise value, and when each is appropriate to analyse.

Bond Markets Bootcamp

During this module you will learn about the key bond market players and products, solve for the price bonds, calculate bond yields, measure bond price risk using modified duration and learn how to interpret yield curve moves.

Equity Markets Bootcamp

During this module you will learn about the key equity market players and products, the meaning of IPOs and rights issues, the different ways in which equities are valued, key equity indices, the calculations for price weighted and market weighted indices, and the main order types in the electronic equity markets.

Foreign Exchange Markets Bootcamp

During this module, you will learn about the foreign exchange market players and products, how to quote spot FX rates, the difference between the 'big figure' and pips, how to calculate spot foreign exchange trade profits and losses, how to calculate spot cross rates, mechanics of forward foreign exchange outrights including forward points, hedging using forward outrights.

Derivatives Fundamentals Bootcamp

During this module you will learn how profits and losses are made in the futures markets, how futures margins work, how to create option payoff profiles from calls and puts, the ways in which options can be used for hedging, how options are affected by various sensitivities.

Portfolio Construction Theory

During this module, you will learn about the importance of risk and return to constructing an efficient portfolio using modern portfolio theory methodology; the role that correlation plays in portfolio diversification and portfolio optimization; how to measure portfolio performance; the significance of the Capital Asset Pricing Model to portfolio optimization and portfolio performance measurement; limitations and criticisms of modern portfolio theory.

15.5 hours of video content
Estimated 31 hours to complete.

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This course is open to all. To maximize the benefit of this course we recommend an understanding of Microsoft Excel.

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